Our group has 4 dedicated labs, including a wide set of equipment and devices. This allows us experimenting with cutting-edge technologies and prototypes, through which users can naturally collaborate and interact in real-time. Moreover, we also have at our disposal, under request, additional teaching rooms, computer labs, as well as telecommunications and audiovisual equipment, which are typically used in the different BsC, MsC and PhD degrees coursed at our University Campus.


This lab (5x7 m2) includes a Wireless Motion Capture (MOCAP) system comprised of 16 IR sensors (or cameras) and two suits with a configurable number of passive IR markers. The users' movements and actions can be tracked (with a sub-milimeter accuracy and a granularity of up to 100 fps), analyzed and integrated, in real-time, within digital virtual environments.

Our MOCAP system can be very beneficial in different areas, such as in entertainment (e.g., videogames, animation…), elite sports (e.g., in those sports in which a very precise technique is required), medical and physiotherapy purposes, and immersive virtual reality scenarios (e.g., virtual tourism). Moreover, it can also be used to enable distributed performances (e.g., dancing) between geographically distributed users or performers.


3D & Virtual Reality (VR) Lab

Our Virtual Reality (VR) lab includes a 3D Semi-Cave projection room (in “L” format) that, together with a Surround audio system and (movements and gestures) tracking systems, allows creating truly immersive 3D virtual environments.


Networking Lab

We have at our disposal a laboratory with more than 20 PCs, with various operating systems and (licensed and open-source) software resources, which can be interconnected using different technologies and networking equipment (Cisco, 3Com, Allied Telesyn...). This lab is used for training and teaching, but also for research purposes.

Our lab constitutes a perfect environment for developing and testing our networking- and multimedia-related prototypes, including multi-party conferencing systems, Social TV platforms and HbbTV-related applications.


TV & Radio Lab

We have at our disposal all the required end-to-end infrastructure for TV and radio services, ranging from high-quality audiovisual capturing equipment, encoders, modulators, transmitters, air frequency licenses (within a metropolitan area), receivers, distribution technology (e.g., amplifiers, filters, splitters...), TV and radio studios and sets, and consumption devices.

Likewise, our university radio and TV channels are very happy to collaborate with us and test with our developments.


Media Room

Our media room includes the necessary furniture and equipment to test distributed and interactive multimedia services (e.g., conferencing, Social TV, second screen applications…) in a comfortable way, such that users can feel like at home. This allows ensuring a high degree of realism and naturalness in our experiments.


Portable Equipment

Additionally, we also have other portable equipment and devices in our labs, such as:

- 2 x 3 video-wall (Full HD 22’’ Screens)

- 2 Multi-Screen Testbeds (three HbbTV-compatible TVs, two 5" smartphones Samsung Galaxy S5, two 10" tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab S).

- Head Mounted Displays (HMD), 2 Oculus Quest 2, 2 Oculus Rift DK2, 1 HTC VIVE Pro2 (Full Kit + wireless adapter) and 2 Samsung Gear VR devices.

- AR equipment: 1 Microsoft Hololens2, 2 Epson Moverio BT-200 and BT-35E.

- 1 3D camera RealSense D415 and 2 Kinnect_v2 for Windows, which can be used as a tracker of gestures, 3D scanner,mouse control, as well as for the development of diverse types of interactive, immersive and collaborative applications.

- 2 Leap Motion. These devices allow monitoring and recognizing the movements of hands and fingers, which can be used as an input control for executing specific tasks in immersive and collaborative scenarios.

- 1 42" MultiTaction Collaborative Table (MultiTouch Ltd.).

- 2 Geomagic Touch X (3D haptic devices).

- 2 Wireless haptic vest, bHaptics TactSuit models X16 and X40.

- Olfactory Data Generators (4 Exhalia smell generator devices with 4 diffusors in each generator, and with up to 32 different scents; and 1 Olorama device with 10 differeent scents).

- 2 Omnidirectional (360) Video Cameras (Insta360 pro and Gyroptic 360cam).