Immersive Interactive Media (IIM) Research & Development (R&D) Group:

Interactive and Immersive Media (IIM) is an emerging Research & Development (R&D) group, integrated within the Communications Department (DCOM) of Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Spain, with facilities located at the Gandia Campus of UPV.

The group is composed of professors, researchers and students (research grant holders) and is led by Dr. Fernando Boronat Seguí (Assistant Professor, UPV). Overall, the members and collaborators of the group have background and experience in many areas, such as Telecommunications, Informatics, Electronics, Multimedia Systems, Quality of Experience (QoE), Acoustics, Audiovisual Communications, Music Composition, 3D, Animation, UI Design, Media Art, Video Games, Mathematics, Marketing and Social Media.

The main research line of the group is the design and evaluation of Interactive and Immersive Media Systems, with a special focus on Media Synchronization and on QoS/QoE issues.


Research Lines

  • Media Synchronization Types and Solutions (Intra-Media, Inter-Media and Inter-Destination Media Synchronization or IDMS).
  • Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband Synchronization (i.e., Hybrid Sync, as in, e.g., HbbTV).
  • Immersive and Interactive Multimedia Systems.
  • Multimedia Systems and Applications (WebRTC, VoIP, IPTV...).
  • Web-based Services and Applications.
  • Networked Multi-player Games.
  • Multimedia Protocols (e.g., RTP/RTCP, HTTP Adaptive Streaming or HAS, HTML5...).
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE).
  • 3D Virtual Reality (VR) Environments (e.g., 3D cave, Kinnect, Oculus Rift).
  • Augmented Reality.
  • Motion Capture (MOCAP) Systems.
  • Motion and Gesture Interaction and Control (based on IR cameras, Microsoft Kinect, eye trackers, Leap Motion…).
  • Interactive and Collaborative Haptic Media (including force/pressure feedback, multi-touch collaborative screens...).
  • Multi Sensorial Media (MulSeMedia) Experiences (including the stimulation of all senses, such as visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile).

The applicability of our research spans the areas of interactive TV (iTV), online video services, collaborative scenarios, innovative learning and training paradigms, social integration and accessibility, virtual tourism, therapy (virtual physiotherapy, remote surgery...), and many more.


Current group members:

  • Dr. Fernando Boronat Seguí (Leader of the Group and Assistant Professor) ResearchGate
  • Dr. Carlos Palau Salvador (Professor, UPV)
  • Dr. Valentín Gregori Gregori (Professor, UPV)
  • Dr. Francisco Javier Pastor Castillo (Assistant Professor )
  • Dr. Almanzor Sapena Piera (Assistant Professor )
  • Dr. Bernardino Roig Sala (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Santiago Flores (Assistant Professor )
  • Dr. Raúl Terol Bolinches (Part-time Assistant Professor)
  • Amparo Girona (Assistant Professor )
  • Juan González Salinas(PhD student under R&D contract)
  • Cristian Bañuls Mahiques (BSc student)


  • Hans Stokking (TNO, The Netherlands)
  • Ray Brandenburg (TNO, The Netherlands)
  • Omar Niamut (TNO, The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Pablo Cesar (CWI, The Netherlands)
  • Jack Jansen(CWI, The Netherlands)
  • Dr. Rufael Mekuria (Unified Streaming, The Netherlands)
  • Dra. Lourdes Beloqui Yuste (Ericsson, Ireland)
  • Dr. Vicente Emilio Vidal Gimeno (Professor)
  • Dr. Jesús Alba Fernández (Professor, UPV)
  • Dr. Francisco De Zulueta Dorado (Assistant Professor )
  • Dr. Asunción Pérez Pascual (Assistant Professor )
  • Dr. Jordi Bataller (Assistant Professor, UPV)
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Sanchís Rico (Assistant Professor, UPV)
  • Dr. Mª José Canet Subielas (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Antonio León Fernández (Assistant Professor, UPV)
  • Dr. Miguel García Pineda (Assistant Professor, UV)
  • Dr. Mario A. Montagud Climent (Juan de la Cierva postdoc scholarship at UV, Spain)
  • Daniel Palacio Samitier (freelance programmer and part-time assistant professor, UPV)
  • Dra. Rebeca Díez (freelance and part-time assistantprofessor, UPV)
  • Dr. Anna Vidal Melo (retired Assistant Professor )
  • David Gómez Micó (project manager at PROMAX, Spain)
  • Jordi Belda Valls (Minsait)
  • Pau Salvador Llácer (PhD student at iTEAM, UPV)
  • Daniel Marfil Reguero (AUTIS INGENIEROS)
  • Jair Daynor López Gutiérrez(MSc student)
  • Marc Oller Caballe (Panel Sistemas Informaticos)


Contact Us:

Leader of IIM R&D Group: Fernando Boronat (e-mail: fboronat at dcom dot upv dot es)

Twitter Account: @ImInMediaGroup