Outstanding Junior Engineer (2016), by iTelecos

Clara Luzón has been awarded as “Outstanding Junior Engineer 2016” for her excellent academic records, the potential of her BsC Thesis, and her promising research contributions, by the “Official College and Association of Graduates in Telecommunications Engineering of the Valencian Community”, iTelecos.

The award was delivered in the yearly gala dinner of iTelecos, in which other graduate students of our Campus received a professional qualifying diploma from this entity.

Congratulations Clara!


Radio Interview 2016

Fernando Boronat has participated in the "Ciència Propera" radio program, which is produced by the Gandia Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and is focused on science dissemination.

He has talked about the research lines and contributions of our group and about future possibilities of emerging technologies we are currently researching on, such as Virtual Reality and Multi-Sensorial Multimedia (Mulsemedia) systems.

The program is broadcast on Radio Gandia SER (every Monday around 12:30h) and on UPV Radio (every Monday at 16:00h). It is also available on iVoox and on iTunes. If you are interested, below you can find the interview on iVoox.



Our group has attended the NEM SUMMIT 2016 event, held in Porto (Portugal) on 23-25 November 2016.

We had a stand to exhibit some of our demos and introduce our group (e.g., researchers, labs, equipment, contributions, interests...), together with other groups of UPV researching on the Creative Industries area.

We also got an accepted paper, entitled “Towards Immersive and Personalized Media Experiences: An HbbTV-compliant platform to Enable Hybrid and Multi-Device TV Scenarios”, and presented it at the “Interactive and Immersive Media Experiences” session.

Overall, it was a very interesting event, in which we met new colleagues, experienced rich interactions, and our contributions attracted the interest of the attendees.


Best Bachelor Student Award (2016)

Our student Clara Luzón has been twice awarded as the Best Bachelor Student Award for her excellent academic records while coursing the "Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Systems, Sound and Image Engineering" at the Gandia Campus of UPV. One of the awards was sponsored by the “Official College and Association of Graduates in Telecommunications Engineering of the Valencian Community”, and deliverd by the Chairman of its Board, Javier Marqués.

This course, Clara is enrolled in an MsC degree about Artificial Intelligence at UPV.



PhD Thesis Award (July 2016)

Fernando Boronat and Mario Montagud attended the PhD hooding ceremony at UPV, in which Mario was awarded with the 2016 Extraordinary PhD Thesis Award in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), receiving a diploma from the UPV dean.


Video Report on Comarcal TV (July 2016)

Comarcal TV, a regional TV channel, has visited and interviewed us. We have shown our facilities and some of our prototypes, and Mario Montagud has talked about his PhD thesis award.

Watch the video:


Special Session on MediaSync at MMSYS (May 2016)

Fernando Boronat and Mario Montagud have been co-organizers of the Special Session on MediaSync at ACM MMSYS 2016, the leading conference on Multimedia Systems, held in Klagenfurt (Austria).

The goal of the Special Session has been to address the latest advances and remaining challenges on media synchronization to accommodate emerging forms of immersive, personalized and ultra-realistic media experiences in our multi-sensory, multi-protocol and multi-device world. The purpose has been to provide a forum for researchers to share and discuss recent contributions in this field and to pave the way to the future, by focusing on different aspects of multimedia systems, such as content types, (multi-)processing techniques, networking issues, adaptive delivery and presentation, and human perception (QoE).

For this Special Session, we received 6 submissions, each of them being thoroughly reviewed by at least 3 experts. After the review process and internal discussions, 2 papers were selected for publication and presentation at ACM MMSys (33.3% acceptance rate). Those papers covered two key issues of media synchronization: 1) media synchronization and sequencing in web-based scenarios; and 2) time synchronization in distributed and wireless applications.

Mario Montagud has chaired the session, with around 30 attendees, who experienced rich interactions and discussed about new research ideas.

This special session has been the continuation of the MediaSync Workshop series (2012, 2013 and 2015) and of Special Sessions in other venues (QoMEX 2014).